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First Symptoms of Lung Cancer

I am a cancer survivor and expierienced the signs and symptoms of caner first hand. Recognizing the first symptoms can be beneficial in getting early treatment before the later stages set in.

1. Any symptoms that seem to be cronic (wont go away) should be a red flag.

2. I had a cough that was persistant. I became so acustomed to coughing I didn't realize I was even coughing anymore.

3. I had a Fever that would come on every afternoon.

4. I had night sweats. I would wake up and my pillow and sheets would be so wet from sweat that it was like someone poured a pitcher of water in my bed.

5. Fatigue - I would often come home from work because I was so tired. I would go to bed at 6 pm some nights and sleep all night long.



I have spent alot of time researching the web for you and I have found some great resources for you. See Resources.


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