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5 Reasons to Consider a Spray-On Tan

I’m off on a cruise to Mexico and Honduras this week. (Technically work, but it sure as heck doesn’t feel like it.)

Obviously, I’d love to get some color, but it’s not as simple as sitting out in the sun. (Generations of skin cancer has drummed that into our heads.)

And then there’s an other option…

With over 30 million people heading indoors each year in search of a tan, many end up exploring options that include exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Recently, however, methods of indoor tanning have been changing for the better. Today, the spray-on tan option is increasingly offering many benefits over other forms of tanning.

"Many people are not familiar with the type of spray-on tan that we offer," explains Kelsey Jones, licensed aesthetician and owner of Lavish Tan, located in Venice, Calif. "Those who do know and opt for it find out just what a great-looking tan they can get, and how much better it is than sunbathing or being exposed to UV tanning booths."

Spray-on tans provide many benefits, compared to other forms of tanning, including:

Healthier. With an estimated two million people each year being diagnosed with skin cancer, spray tans provide a healthier alternative, since they involve no UV exposure or harmful chemicals.

Organic. The Lavish Tan spray tan is made from 99 percent organic ingredients which are derived from brown sugar. This organic spray-on route to tanning avoids harmful ingredients altogether.

Look. The all-natural spray tan at Lavish Tan provides a rich, brown, tan look. It helps people get the look they want, without any of the risks that they don't.

Customizable. Unlike tanning beds and lying out in the sun, spray tans are customizable, allowing control over the achieved tone. Lavish Tan's product line offers over 180 combinations to choose from, so the desired skin tone is always achieved.

Lasting. The spray-on tan at Lavish Tan lasts for 7-10 days for each application. This provides perfect coverage for those who may want to plan a holiday visit home and show up with a beautiful tan.

"Once someone tries this method of tanning, they never go back to sunning or to tanning beds," adds Jones. "There is just no reason to. This route gives you the great look you desire, but avoids all the harmful effects you want to avoid."

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